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Patio Sealer for Flagstones, Patio Sealers for Sandstone, Trade or DIY

HomeAll patio pre cast paving slabs, flagstones, natural stone and indian sandstone will benefit greatly and be aesthetically improved by the application of patio sealer or natural stone sealers.

Smartseal patio sealer and sandstone sealers are the most effective way to minimise deterioration of the surface and pointing. Once patio sealer has been applied the surface will be water resistant, this means that algae and lichen will be greatly reduced and ongoing maintanence far easier.  

Smartseal Patio Sealer is a high quality acrylic sealer and our high performance natural stone and indian sandstone sealants is a solvent free acrylic based sealer. Every order placed is delivered direct to your door normally in 1-3 days.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Smartseal acrylic patio sealer and sandstone sealers a clear, UV light resistant sealing product. Our products conform to BS5750 & ISO 9001 manufacturing standards and all materials used are of the highest quality. The patio sealer is designed to penetrate & protect all forms of pre-cast patio slabs and flagstones.

PURPOSE: The application of Smartseal patio seale and natural stone sealantsr will greatly enhance and protect the natural colours of the patio. The sealant creates a water resistant barrier to offer protection from dirt, grime, soiling and growth. Importantly Smartseal patio sealers will also protect any mortar joints from cracking and breaking up caused by adverse weather.

HomeSpecial Properties

  • Resistant to stains and soiling
  • Naturally enhances natural colours
  • Protects against fading from UV light
  • Inhibits and minimises lichen, moss and algae
  • Greatly reduces and enables easier maintainance
  • Protects pointing & mortared joints
  • Simple DIY application via sprayer, roller or brush
  • Increases lifespan of all patio slabs

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